Your film is amazing!

Vraiment Bravo !

….presque de la magie qui se déroule sous nos yeux!

…absolutely wonderful !

…de surprise en surprise.


Timbrée is the tale of a journey. One day, a tourist receives an offer that seems too good to be true. The only way to verify is to put her finger on it and start an adventure that will lead her to an unusual world.

Director and animator : Alain Boisvert

Music : Sébastien Dufour

Sound design : Alain Boisvert and Sébastien Dufour

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I would like to thank the Canada Council for the Arts for it’s support.

Timbrée was inspired by the Canadian stamps in my father's collection.

The main character and the bird were designed using the 2D cut-out technique. All the scenery and props are from Canadian stamps.

The animation is done frame by frame. The complexity of some scenes required more than 80 different layers as our tourist had to move from one stamp to another and on several planes. There were layers for the scenery, layers for the animation and layers that combined animation, props and scenery.

The design of the soundtrack was particularly interesting to realize.

For the sound effects, many sounds had to be combined and some had to be created from manufactured objects or instruments.

The rich collection of stamps offers a wide variety of locations, characters, objects and designs that all found their way into the film. Whether it's textures, shapes or symbols. Images are isolated and then reassembled. Multiple stamps are used to create unique settings.

The story was also inspired by package tours that condense a ridiculous itinerary into a few days.

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