Alain Boisvert

Documentary – Animation 2D / stop motion  – Film on Art

Le Matou Noir

I am a director and an animation filmmaker.
I'm also a puppeteer, which comes in handy when making characters for my films.

Passionate and inspired by art, I am a creative person who enjoys taking on design and production challenges and loves to create and share my passions. 

My work is also peppered with personal projects that stem from my social involvement (see the film The Box) or that highlight art and artists or it might simply be an idea that I find interesting.

I am very involved in my community and share my passion with elementary and high school students in many school projects.

I organize once a year The Worlds Smallest Animation Festival.



Sharing Through the


Our heritage in motion


La boite / The box



Amnesty International


Film on art

Gilbert Poissant, my atlas.

Le jeu du collectionneur

Music only

Pilot et experimental

Biking - in french


Culture Montérégie

École Arthur-Pigeon

La petite bibliothèque verte

The little Green library

Centre du Nouvel-Envol



Aya - stop motion

Shooting of the film Aya will begin in March 2024.

Thank you to our partners, contributors and CALQ. 


Podcasting / Radio drama

This workshop is designed for third cycle students.

There will be no workshops in 2024 and 2025.

The podcast workshop allows third cycle students to write and produce podcasts or radio dramas on a topic of their choice or on a specific theme. The class will be divided into teams and will create 4 to 6 podcasts or radio dramas.

The workshop is available as part of the Artists in the Schools program.

We cover all the creative aspects necessary to produce a complete audio document. The first part of the project is the research of topics and writing. Then we move on to reading, performing and rehearsing.

Finally, all students will be able to record and participate in the creation of the project.

The podcasts or radios will be available online with download links. They will also be available on the school's website.


Alain Boisvert
Artistic Director

Cellular: (450) 264-5656